Monday, January 26th, 2015

Pacman in color

Mr. Pacman, AKA NGC 281, now has on his varicolored coat. Ain’t he pretty? Technically, this is a conventional LRGB image with the luminance (L) component replaced by the black and white hydrogen-alpha image shown in the previous post. I made 69 separate exposures totaling 7.5 hours of exposure time. Click on the image to get a better view of the many-colored stars. This nebula was a challenge... [Read more]

Pacman Nebula

This deep space object is officially classified as NGC 281, but many know it better as the Pacman Nebula. It is rich in Hydrogen emissions, and this shot represents an exposure of a little over 2 hours through a narrow-band filter passing only the Hydrogen emissions. It makes a nice black-and-white photo, I think. Color photos are in the works. From Wikipedia we learn this about the nebula. NGC 281... [Read more]

Heart Nebula

This is the last gasp of 3″ telescope Stella from my light polluted back patio until next spring. A dozen exposures through each of three narrow-band filters did a pretty good job of ignoring the light pollution from nearby parking lot and street lights and capturing the emissions from narrow bands of the visible spectrum in the hydrogen-alpha, sulfur-II, and oxygen-III bands. The resulting... [Read more]

Gamma Cygni Nebulosity

The little patch of sky I call the Sadr neighborhood has a lot going for it. It is not only positioned conveniently for me to view, but it sports a nice bright star (Sadr, or Gamma Cygni) plus some interesting patches of nebulosity. On the other hand, photographing it has been a challenge for this amateur astrophotographer, and I keep coming back to it to see if I can make it look better. Fun! This... [Read more]

The hen’s chest

Way up there in the eastern sky somewhere is a star named Sadr. I can barely make it out through all the light pollution, but I know it’s there, because my trusty telescope Stella dutifully bores a hole for me through the polluted atmosphere so I can peer into outer space. Even better, if I squeeze the incoming photons through a narrow-band hydrogen-alpha filter, I see less light from nearby... [Read more]

Pinwheel galaxy revisited

The Pinwheel Galaxy is a popular target for amateur astrophotographers, and I am as about amateur as they get. For this shot I hired a telescope owned by, located at Mayhill, New Mexico. Over three nights I collected several hours of red, green, and blue data. These were fed into the PixInsight processing program and massaged to produce what you see here. From Wikipedia: The Pinwheel... [Read more]

One step ahead of Saul

Easter Sunday, April 20, 2014 Apr 14, 2014 — Lent Day 35 — 1 Sam 20:1-42 — Jonathan Warns David Jonathan was loyal to his father Saul, but he was bound in godly friendship to David, who at this point was officially still part of Saul’s household. But Saul had tried to kill David, who now was in hiding. Jonathan’s bond of holy friendship with David was just as strong as... [Read more]

Blood moon

This image was taken from Maui, Hawaii, by Dori Thorngren, my sister-in-law. She says, “Aloha! I used a Canon Rebel with a 75-300 zoom on a tripod. I took it at f/5.6, 1/3 second, ISO 1600, from our front door entrance. We started our viewing by watching the moon rise through clouds from an oceanfront park overlooking West Maui mountains. Then we left for home. I took this picture at 9:14 PM.”... [Read more]

On the run

Sunday, April 13, 2014 Apr 7, 2014 — Lent Day 29 — 1 Sam 16:14-23 — David in Saul’s Service The rejection of King Saul by the Lord was accompanied by the departure of the Spirit of the Lord from Saul, to be replaced by a “harmful spirit from the Lord.” Although it would be fun to play with the idea of a harmful spirit from God, this is a devotional study, so I will... [Read more]

Saul rejected

Sunday, April 6, 2014 Mar 31 — Day 23 — 1 Sam 13:8-23 — Saul’s Unlawful Sacrifice It’s not hard to see cause and effect in this incident. Saul may have been filled with the Spirit, but he was yet unwilling to let the Spirit have full reign. At this early point in his kingship, he was nervous and uncertain, not a good thing in a leader. We read here that he couldn’t... [Read more]