Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

One step ahead of Saul

Easter Sunday, April 20, 2014 Apr 14, 2014 — Lent Day 35 — 1 Sam 20:1-42 — Jonathan Warns David Jonathan was loyal to his father Saul, but he was bound in godly friendship to David, who at this point was officially still part of Saul’s household. But Saul had tried to kill David, who now was in hiding. Jonathan’s bond of holy friendship with David was just as strong as... [Read more]

Blood moon

This image was taken from Maui, Hawaii, by Dori Thorngren, my sister-in-law. She says, “Aloha! I used a Canon Rebel with a 75-300 zoom on a tripod. I took it at f/5.6, 1/3 second, ISO 1600, from our front door entrance. We started our viewing by watching the moon rise through clouds from an oceanfront park overlooking West Maui mountains. Then we left for home. I took this picture at 9:14 PM.”... [Read more]

On the run

Sunday, April 13, 2014 Apr 7, 2014 — Lent Day 29 — 1 Sam 16:14-23 — David in Saul’s Service The rejection of King Saul by the Lord was accompanied by the departure of the Spirit of the Lord from Saul, to be replaced by a “harmful spirit from the Lord.” Although it would be fun to play with the idea of a harmful spirit from God, this is a devotional study, so I will... [Read more]

Saul rejected

Sunday, April 6, 2014 Mar 31 — Day 23 — 1 Sam 13:8-23 — Saul’s Unlawful Sacrifice It’s not hard to see cause and effect in this incident. Saul may have been filled with the Spirit, but he was yet unwilling to let the Spirit have full reign. At this early point in his kingship, he was nervous and uncertain, not a good thing in a leader. We read here that he couldn’t... [Read more]

Call to Action

Mar 24 — Lent Day 17 — 1 Sam 10:1-16 — Saul Anointed King Talk about a red-letter day for Saul! Anointed with oil, receiving a new heart, dancing with a group of prophets. It apparently was too much for him to process right away, because Saul didn’t share all of his day’s experiences with his uncle. After all, we are told that he was filled with the Holy Spirit and given... [Read more]

Samuel the judge

Sunday, Mar 23, 2014 Mar 17 — Day 11 — 1 Sam 6:1-7:2 — The Ark Returns to Israel What a story this is! The ark of God was like a hot potato. The Philistines captured it and now didn’t quite know what to do with it. The ark brought tumors and plagues to whichever city it was sent. The Philistine priests and diviners advised that an attempt should be made to return the ark,... [Read more]

Answering God’s Call

Sunday, March 16, 2014 Mar 10 — Day 5 — 1 Sam 2:22-26 — Eli Rebukes His Sons Eli the priest of God knew what his sons were up to. He apparently let it go for a long time before finally giving them what sounds to me like a pretty mild rebuke. Been there, done that. Maybe it was too little, too late. I hope our Lord has waiting a Hero Badge for all who manage to raise kids to love... [Read more]

Pouring out

Sunday, March 9, 2014 On days 1-4 of Lent I reflected on the passages below . I use the English Standard Version (ESV) Bible. The titles I give to each passage are the ESV paragraph headings. Since this is my first summary blog posting, I should explain that I don’t consider these daily readings a true Bible study. At other times I do study the Bible using various resources, but for this lenten... [Read more]

Hypertune nadir

This should be the low point of my telescope mount Hypertune project. Everything has been taken apart, and the next step will be to smooth and polish the moving parts, apply fresh lubricant, and re-assemble them. My goal is to not have any parts left over or come up short at the end. And of course to have a smoother running mount that will do a better job of tracking a guide star on long exposures.... [Read more]

What is happening to us?

My recent reading has nudged me to the tipping point. This is a tame little blog, dedicated mostly to safe conversations among family and friends, but some things need to be aired. Some bad stuff is happening to our nation, and it scares me. That there is evil in the world is not surprising, but what is surprising is that so much of that evil is now emanating from our own government. Targeted assassinations... [Read more]