Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Kiva update


You may remember that a month or so ago I invested a small amount toward a loan for a small businessman in Ecuador. I received this email update:

Dear David Ayers ,

This is an update on Puero y Asociados written by Luis Crespo:

Boris, es un profesional su sueno es trabajar en la investigación de la electrónica, de redes y hardware de computadores. Agradece a las personas que por este medio le permiten tener acceso a un crédito, nunca pensó que esto ocurriera que por el Internet pudiera tener la posibilidad de fundarse como cliente, en el Ecuador ni siquiera las personas que lo conocen ‘Bancos” le dan un préstamo para trabajar.Esta seguro que el crédito solicitado invertirá para atender sus necesidades de inventarios como discos duros, memoria y repuestos para atender de mejor forma a sus clientes espera poder generar al menos una plaza de trabajo para otra persona que el esta entrenando y pueda ayudar a que la comunidad sepa usar las herramientas tecnologicas y el Internet.Guayaquil, Junio 19/06Luis

Some of our partners choose to write their journal entries in the local language in order to keep their overhead low. If this journal entry is in a foreign language, please feel free to use an online translator such as Altavista’s Babelfish (


— Kiva Staff

Here is Ms. Babelfish’s translation:

Boris, is a professional his I sound is to work in the investigation of the electronics, of networks and hardware of computers. It thanks for the people who by this means allow him to have access on a credit, never thought that this happened that by the Internet it could have the possibility of being based like client, in Ecuador not even the people who know ‘ Banks “give a loan him for safe trabajar.Esta that the asked for credit will invest to take care of its necessities of inventories like hard disks, memory and spare parts to take care of of better form its clients hope to be able to generate at least one seat of work for another person who this training and can help to that the community knows to use the tecnologicas tools and the Internet.Guayaquil, June 19/06Luis

Makes sense to me, and I will try to respond to his “journal entry.”

Dave, maybe needing to brush up on his Spanish.


2 Responses to “Kiva update”
  1. Hank Murray says:

    Neat, Dave.

    FWIW, my rusty Spanish says bablefish did a pretty good job.

    Here’s a new line for you

    “Dave, trying to build one entrapeneur (sp?) at a time.”

  2. admin says:

    You should have seen my reply to him in Spanish!

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