Saturday, January 20th, 2018

Lake dreams


In the early eighties, when we time-shared a lake front condo near the Lodge of the Four Seasons at about the 13-mile marker, I would hop in the car early in the morning and drive a mile to the Four Seasons Village City Hall to start my morning jog. I would cover my 4 miles at a brisk ten minute mile pace. As I jogged along Cherokee Drive I dreamed of moving to the lake full time and living in a small, waterfront home with a dish on the roof for telecommuting to my office at Quintron Corporation, a company I helped found in 1969 and was sure that I would manage until I decided to retire. My dream home would look something like this.

The dream

Fast forward twenty years.

My daily walk at a not-so-brisk twenty minute mile pace now covers two miles on a good day. Its starting point is a 3rd level condo apartment in an obscene high rise on a raped hillside overlooking Sandpiper Cove at about the 2-mile marker.

The reality

What happened?

Well, such matters as an elevator to lake level and easier maintenance somehow bubbled up to the top of our priority list. So when decision time came, we signed for the condo with a wistful last thought of what-might-have-been and didn’t look back.

It was a wise decision. I have my bass boat cradled on its lift below our condo, only a few minutes from first cast. Marilyn has a lake view and her binoculars to keep track of the Blue Herons. Provisions come up in the convenient elevator. We have become comfortable with the wimpy life.

Dave, almost believing what he just said.


4 Responses to “Lake dreams”
  1. Amy Swanson says:

    Dave, I loved reading this. It is a realistic reminder of the way our dreams sometimes succumb to the pressures of practicality.

  2. Dave says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed it, Amy. Reality or not, we need to keep on dreaming, right?

  3. Linda says:

    Hey dad, keep on dreaming! That little tiny cabin is your dream house, or is that a pool house? Guess the dock and marina are the most important part of your dream and you’ve got that! And your view is so much better from that ‘obscene’ high rise! Not wimpy, my dad is never wimpy! Love, L#2

  4. Dave says:

    Well, if you will look closely, you will see a path continuing on up the hillside, at the top of which, out of sight, is a mansion. So the little house is not the whole story.

    Who wants a view? I just want fish.


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