Sunday, September 24th, 2017

Pride update


My Pride model, that is. I keep chipping away at the Pride of Baltimore and the Fair American (admiralty style model of a 1780, 18 gun schooner man of war), but I laid the keel for the Pride in October, 2004, and started the Fair American in August, 2005. I must also admit that I have an untouched kit of the USS Constitution that is (was?) to represent the epitome of my model-making retirement career.

The problem is that I have changed my mind about what I want to do with the years left to me. My vision of retirement years filled with making sawdust and chips for several hours every day has vaporized.

I updated the Pride page and here is what the dusty old Pride looks like today.

Hull with mastsSo what happened to my vision of a retirement with sawdust on my eyebrows and chips in my pocket? Well, it’s like this:

I have long had the practice in my morning prayers of thanking my Maker for bringing me to the beginning of a fresh and unspotted new day, which I still do, but one fine morning it dawned on me that the number of days between now and my last day on this earth is a finite number. I picture God with a little sack with my name on it filled with my remaining days. Each morning He reaches in, pulls out a day and gives it to me. It stands to reason that there will come a day when He reaches in and the sack is empty. He will just reach down and pluck me up, instead.

I have no problem with that, but it occurred to me that it might make a difference to Him how I have been spending my time as my sack full of days was getting lighter. Making sawdust most of the time just might not cut it. I decided that I would rather be found doing His work in church, neighborhood and family when He reaches down (or over or up as the case may be) for me. I’ll still spend time in the model shipyard, but it won’t be my first priority.

Dave, waxing spiritual this evening.


4 Responses to “Pride update”
  1. Richard Hall says:


    I wanted to know, if you can tell me, just what that clamping device is you have in your picture of the Pride of Baltimore II model you’re building? I today received the PanaVise 301 thingy you show in your pics but black one with the long square rod which seems to hold the keel in two places is the one I wanted to know about. I’d like to get that as I am also soon starting the Pride of Baltimore II. Your model looks great and it shows good workmanship. I really like it.

    (age 18)

  2. Ralph Proffitt says:

    Hi Dave,

    I too have been working on the Pride of Baltimore for several years and am not finished with it yet! I saw your website while searching for help to finish the masts for Pride. Can you give me any assistance in that area? Did you use the dowels that came in the dit or fabricate your masts from square stock? I am attempting to make them from the dowels but have having some difficulty with the base where it goes into the ship (through the hole in the deck). I have carved the base into an octagon, but that does not seem to be working. Any help would be appreciated.


  3. Chris Fairman says:

    Hi Dave.
    I too have been building a model boat for several years now (Bluenose 71 1/2 inches ) and like you I thought retirement would mean lots of sawdust but God has had me busy in the kingdom works.

  4. Dave says:

    Hi Chris,

    That is a big one! Any pics to share?

    Like it is said about fishing, may God add to your allotted days all that you have spent building model ships!

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