Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

Bang! (V) – Creation Days


Scientists say that our earth took billions of years to reach its present state. The evidence is overwhelming, and I believe it.

The Bible says that in just six days God created the universe and earth with life of all kinds. The evidence is compelling, and I believe it.

Houston, we’ve got a problem.

Even though scientists now know there was a beginning, just like the Bible says, that still does not reconcile six days with 13.7 billion years. Where is the missing link? Two of my friends are trying to get me to understand that there is no contradiction between a clock located on earth registering 24-hour days and another clock (What clock? Where is it?) recording the passage of billions of years during those same 6 days. All I can say is that one of those clocks must be ticking a lot faster than the other.

I have been studying secular science’s view of the universe’s beginning and growth, and have also been reading how Christian astrophysicist Hugh Ross and Jewish astrophysicist Gerald Schroeder explain the reconciliation of biblical days with science’s billions of years. To understand more fully what they are saying, I need to know more about relativity and quantum mechanics than I do. (This could be a longer journey than I thought.) I get the feeling that I am treading where angels fear to tread, but I fully expect to emerge with a stronger faith in our Creator and his Son than ever before. Nothing I have studied to date threatens my knowledge of the God of the Bible. If anything, I am overwhelmed with wonder at His work in creation.

Next: Creation’s clocks.

Dave, getting blessed with all this late life studying.


3 Responses to “Bang! (V) – Creation Days”
  1. kyle says:

    I’m curious if you’ve read anything in it about the analogical week theory. IT basically says that God condescended to explain something so majestic. So that what we understand as a work week comes from God’s analogy of creation. It’s an interesting thought, that allows you to explain a lot of the science, i think.

  2. linda says:

    oh clocks… is that like just one clock with the outer gears moving slowly and the inner gears moving quickly? My puny brain is having a spasm… but that is a good visual!

  3. Dad says:

    Hadn’t heard about that clock. It’s more like the clock on a spaceship to Mars ticking slower than my identical clock here on earth. Relativity and all that. I’ll have more to say on this when I recover from my own brain spasm.

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