Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

Shekinah glory


Credit & Copyright: Ole Christian Salomonsen

Now, I ask you, “Ain’t that grand?”

This picture interests me because it triggers memories (here I go again) of time spent in Norway in the sixties as well as a glimpse we had of the aurora from our back yard in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, one fall evening at about the same time. The Astronomy Picture of the Day says the picture was taken near Troms°, Norway, well above the Arctic Circle, and I once flew not too far from Troms° one night on the way to Andenes airport on the island of And°ya. I was more interested in not throwing up in my hat that night than I was in looking for aurora, so I may have missed something. (It was a rather bouncy flight.)

Somewhere in my stash of unscanned slides I have a picture of a little house on a little island in the middle of a little lake on the little island of And°ya in the middle of the Norwegian Sea. And a picture of a herd of Reindeer crossing the road in front of our rented car. (I wonder where those slides are?)

As the 11 year sunspot cycle continues to rise, the Sun’s solar flares will be causing more views such as this. I wonder if the Shekinah Glory, the visible manifestation of God’s glory to the Israelites a millenium or three ago, was something like this? All natural explanations aside for the moment, it doesn’t stretch my imagination very far to see something supernatural in such a phenomenon. How about you?

My thoughts also return to the late 1940s when the proliferation of sunspots created the nightly ionisphere that caused puny radio waves from my home-built ham radio transmitter to reflect back to earth to be picked up by other nuts like me continents away. Amateur Radio enthusiasts today are much more sophisiticated. They bounce their signals off meteor trails.

I guess one advantage of growing old is the library of memories I’ve acquired over the years.

Dave, thinking that there must be some advantage.


2 Responses to “Shekinah glory”
  1. angela says:

    Just catching up on some new posts with Kyle and really enjoying your writing! We appreciate the library of memories.

  2. Dave says:

    Welcome to the Orlop, Angela, and thanks for the compliment.(and a gentle reminder that I need to post more often.

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