Friday, February 23rd, 2018

An old man and his Kindle


The age of ebooks and ebook readers has arrived. revealed the other day that they now are selling more ebooks than bound books. When I bought my Kindle a few months ago, I was amazed how many Amazon books are available in instant gratification Kindle editions. And it is so easy. Turn on your Kindle, let it connect to your wireless network, and forget about it. From there on it is just One-Click at ten bucks a pop, more or less. If you don’t like spending money, there are the usual assortment of free classics available.

Old man reading

I really love my pet Kindle if for no other reason that it makes eating a peanut butter sandwich so easy. The Kindle just lies there flat on the kitchen table by my side, freeing both hands for stuffing my mouth. Another reason I love it (Kindle, not mouth) is that I can have a bunch of books going and don’t need to worry about running out of or losing book-marks. And then there are audible books and the joy of having Master and Commander read to me with a British accent. My Kindle and a hi-fi headset make a good combination.

On the other side of the ledger, my Kindle totally lacks tactile sensibility. It just doesn’t feel good. Every so often I have to go find a real book to hold and caress, re-educating my finger tips to the feel of paper, preferably fine Bible paper. It feels so good! I would also like to be able to deface my books with wobbly underlying and dog-eared pages, but I’m not complaining very loudly about that, because setting a bookmark actually makes an utterly useless “dog-ear” to appear at the upper right hand corner of the displayed page.

Dave, reading fool.


11 Responses to “An old man and his Kindle”
  1. Laura Layton says:

    Oh no, one more victim to the books on screen! Sigh, I still like my bound books and I can eat about anything holding a book! I agree with you about Bible, Isaac wants to use Bible App at church and I won’t let him.

  2. Dave says:

    Hey Laura,

    Victim? Not really. I have just temporarily succumbed to technological newness and slothful convenience. Which you already knew, of course.

  3. Linda says:

    I know why you love the kindle, all the same reasons I do! The main thing I miss is being able to lend my books, I have friends who tell me, “Please don’t buy it for your kindle, I want to borrow it!” Some books that I know Kim or Andrea will want to read I go ahead and by the print version. Yes, I like the feeling of a book and real paper, and I love the sounds of turning a page, not that quiet click!

    But what is really fascinating about this post dad, is the picture! I assume you had your timer on your camera.. you posed so realistically!

  4. Leslie says:

    Loved the photo and article, Dad. I do like the whole 1-click and voilą my book magically appears on my Ipad Kindle app. Which is what I ‘m going to do right….now.

  5. Dad says:

    Linda, either my Kindle does not ‘click’ when page turning or my ears don’t respond. Most of the time the page turns quietly and instantly. As for the photo, it just mysteriously appeared in my in-box yesterday morning. I don’t know who took it, unless it was a mischievous guardian angel. Do you believe that?

    Leslie, you have a Kindle now? Or does your Ipad masquerade as a Kindle? (Inquiring minds want to know.)

    Anyhow, it appears the Kindle is here to stay.

  6. Leslie says:

    Lurking around rereading articles and saw this comment. I downloaded a free Kindle app to my IPad, so I can read Kindle books on it (alas the books aren’t free). Hopefully Amazon will allow sharing soon…there’s a rumor that they are considering 18 day loans between Kindle readers, from Kerry I believe.

  7. Dave says:

    I hope the rumor is true, but I wonder how they will be able to make a book disappear after its time is up. And 18 days is not very long, but may be long enough to get the reader hooked and persuaded to pop for own copy.

  8. Tom says:

    Love the kindle comments! Rosalie doesn’t know it yet but she is getting a Kindle for Christmas! Has said some time ago she didn’t want one but with her new knee I figured it would be lighter than the two, yes two, full San Mateo County blue bags with 5 or 6+ books each she gets every other week. Time will tell if she uses it. Thought about the iPad but prudence (spelled m o n e y ) prevailed.

  9. Zeta says:

    Curious… I’ve been thinking about getting a Kindle a lot for a number of years. The text-to-speech got me thinking. Then I thought “Could I get accents, or at least English/British one(s)?” Hmm, well, there is something here that says British accent. Is it true? Is there an option of accents? Is there an application to buy one? I adore different accents (minus a few), but I might just as well be happy with a Trans-Atlantic, if nothing else.

    My other reasons for wanting a Kindle: 1) The very screen design 2)

  10. Dave says:

    Welcome to the Orlop, Zeta. Although I haven’t tried text-to-speech myself, I understand that it is just a computer voice (ugh!). I do have several audio books that I listen to on the Kindle, including some of the Patrick O’Brian novels narrated by Patrick Tull in a delightful British accent that really adds to the listening experience when following the adventures of Capt. Jack and Steve Maturin.

    I am very pleased with my Kindle and do most of my reading on it. Go for it.

  11. baidu censor says:

    Other countries censor content and not just rogue regimes such as the Iranian mullocracy. Poor people!

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