Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

Bing and Al


Larry opines in a recent email (and if the link doesn’t work, blame Larry):

Aw, you just have to hear this:

Der Bingle

The song was an early effort by Irving Berlin. What appealed to me was the relaxed and cordial back-and-forth conversation between Crosby and Jolson, between verses. This song takes me back to the era in which my grandparents were young.


Which reminds me of one of those times when I failed to meet my parent’s expectations. I was in 10th grade, Mt. Lebanon, PA, High School, and was starting to develop an interest in classical music. So to encourage me, Mom and Dad gave me some money and sent me down to the local music store to buy them an album, no doubt thinking I would come back with something classy.

Which I did. I returned with an Al Jolson album, and I’ll never forget the disappointed looks they tried their best to hide from me. Moments like that tend to stick in one’s memory, I find. We listened to the album together, but somehow it didn’t grab me like it did earlier in the music store.

Are there still music stores around where you can take a vinyl album off the shelf to a little booth to put it on a platter and listen to it before purchasing? (I think I know the answer to that question!)

And Larry, what kind of time machine do you use to return to the era of your grandparents youth? Inquiring minds want to know.

Dave, ripe for a sing-along.

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