Friday, February 23rd, 2018

Another summer walk


It’s officially summer now, and the trees have pretty much done with their annual growth spurts. The car was due to go on the operating table at The Glass Doctor to get a windshieldectomy, courtesy of a flying rock from our last trip to the lake, so I drove to the auto hospital and took advantage of a nice, overcast summer morning for a leisurely (the only kind for me these days) walk home under the Maine Street canopy of lush green leaves, camera in hand.

I zigged over to Maine and turned right. As I paused at the 12th Street stoplight, a young woman was jogging toward me. She stopped for the light, glanced at her watch, looked over at me and said, “Have you changed your walking route?” Huh? I responded, “I guess so,” wondering who she was. The light changed and we continued on our respective ways. Too late, as usual, I remembered. That was Mindy at Quincy Medical Group who outfitted me with some new stretching exercises. As we talked about fitness then, she had asked about my walking route. Puzzle solved.



They say that at a certain age one should stop to smell the flowers. So I did.


Another block, and I exchanged pleasantries with a Junior High crossing guard who was patiently sitting on a folding chair wearing a raincoat, holding an umbrella and waiting for some crossings to guard. I ventured that I didn’t think it would rain, but I could tell she wasn’t convinced.

If you have already purchased the Brooklyn Bridge and are looking for another bargain, consider this little bungalow.


Or maybe this chalet.


Looking for a quick fixer-upper? Here’s a possibility.


Or this one with a big front yard with wide carriage drive.

Carriage drive

Home stretch. If you look carefully you can see Marilyn waving at me from her den window, looking through the cobwebs. See her?


And on to Home Sweet Home. (Want to hear me sing it?)


Dave, which maybe he’ll just hum it.


3 Responses to “Another summer walk”
  1. Larry Ayers says:

    What a nice walk post, Dad! I enjoyed reading it; I’ve walked past those houses many a time.

  2. Tom Ayers says:

    Aw….green! Our landscape has made its turn into California Golden. I just may be able to get my ‘carriage’ into that one home. Hmmmm… Wonder if I could afford it? Don’t answer that! Great pics as usual. Thanks/

  3. Leslie says:

    I enjoyed walking with you through your photos! Your hydrangea photo looks just like the one I took last night of ours, which is now my work laptop background. I miss Quincy.

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