Friday, February 23rd, 2018

Late summer walk


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Since the sound of “Play ball!” and the crack of the bat is still in the air, by (my) definition it is still the summer of 2013. For the school kids, however, summer is history, for school in this neck of the woods starts this week. So as I made my morning amble north on 22nd St. from Good Samaritan Home, I looked for portents of yet another change of season.

Here are the results of my scientific investigation. The leaves of the tall Oak trees are still uniformly dark green, so I knew there was no point in interrogating one of them, but I noticed that some of the weakling Maples had a few pale green, even yellow, leaves showing. The bronze leaves of many of the Dogwoods were a dead giveaway that something was going on and that shiny red berries will soon appear. The season’s first tissue-draped TP’d trees have appeared, always a good sign that summer is over.

At the end of my walk, hidden behind a telephone company junction box, I found a clump of Magic Lilies. Their bulbs must have a built-in calendar that says it is the middle of August. They appear over-night, springing up on two-foot high bare stems to bloom like crazy. These are sporting delicate, pale lavender blooms. I’m almost sure I used to plant a few Magic Lilies during my gardening days.

And so I amble on, thanking the Lord that my back and legs are feeling pretty darn good these days, and without a cane, too. So there!

But fall is fall. It is a melancholy season, right on the doorstep of winter. Before long the trees will be bare, and there will be a hint of smoke in the air. One day, not many moons away, there will be the first snow flurries, and I will be oiling up the treadmill. Oh, woe is me!

No, I say to myself, woe is emphatically NOT me. Spring is just around the corner.

Dave, perhaps getting a tad ahead of himself.


2 Responses to “Late summer walk”
  1. Linda says:

    uh.. no cane. Hmpphh. I love fall, don’t mind that winter is coming, love all four seasons! Spoken like a true Midwesterner right?

  2. Leslie says:

    I do love the 4 seasons as well, I enjoyed this article Dad? I’m kinda tardy to the party, but sometimes I have to just do my orlop fix in one fell swoop.

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