Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

What is happening to us?


My recent reading has nudged me to the tipping point. This is a tame little blog, dedicated mostly to safe conversations among family and friends, but some things need to be aired. Some bad stuff is happening to our nation, and it scares me. That there is evil in the world is not surprising, but what is surprising is that so much of that evil is now emanating from our own government. Targeted assassinations is just one of many examples, the tip of the iceberg, if what I have been reading is anywhere near right.

Three books and one article have caused me to severely question what the media has been feeding us. It is starting to taste bitter on my tongue, so I guess I better waggle it a little and say what I think, for whatever that’s worth. It’s so easy to think that the voice of yet another protesting blogger is futile, but who knows? Maybe my family will take me seriously and start their own tongues wagging. More words of protest are needed, so wag away!

For anyone who wants to follow my reading path, I commend to you:

  • Dirty Wars, Jeremy Scahill,
  • Duty, Robert Gates,
  • No Easy Day, Mark Owen, and
  • (WSJ Op-Ed) “U.S. Looks To Target American With Drone,” Julian E. Barnes and Siobhan Gorman.

It appears from our perspective in early 2014 that our country may have turned a constitutional corner in 2000, during the Bush43 presidency, at the urging of Don Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney. Wars were brewing up in the middle-east, and our hitherto fairly straightforward relations with countries in the middle east, particularly Pakistan and Yemen, had started to come apart at the seams. We had many CIA and JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command) boots on the ground in these countries, and their operators were showing little respect for their host governments. Anti-American sentiment was boiling over.

President Bush picked up on the idea that the world was now one big battlefield and the U.S. was thereby justified in playing fast and loose with the sovereignty of our allies in our “War on Terror.” Not only that, but target lists were being drawn up for assassination that even included American citizens like Anwar al-Awlaki. These “targets” were summarily being denied the due process rights of U.S. citizens. Even worse, our leaders tried to deny the very existence of target lists to the media.

It appears to me that Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn was right after all, that the gulag could happen here. He observed that citizens often do not wake up to what is happening to them and their neighbors and families until it is too late to act.

So while Fox News continues to natter on about Obamacare, hundreds of teams of JSOC operators (think Seal Team 6) are going after targets on secret lists with little accountability to the president or congress. Jay Carney just screws up his face and denies everything.

Dave, which he is getting pretty riled up.


2 Responses to “What is happening to us?”
  1. Tom says:

    Dave, as you know I am in totals agreement with you. We have let the politicians run rough shod over many of the things we hold dear to us. But when you look at the politicians and how the ‘work’ their ‘magic’ one cam only wonder if there is a way out of this mess. For example, Pelosi will retire with numerous lifetime goodies totaling almost 1 million, yes million per year…for her life. How is this fair and transparent? Not! We need a real leader and a congress and senate that will reverse these obscene traits, and get to work on a real bipartisan fix for all this. I too am afraid we are too late. Keep getting riled up….love it!

  2. Dave Ayers says:

    Riled up? Me?

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