Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

Astro photos moving to Astrobin.com


Please take a look at the revised last paragraph of the sidebar to the right. To see what I’ve been up to lately with Stella the telescope (and with several of her big sisters around the world), click the Astrobin link there. Astrobin makes it easier for me to share not only my “finished” images in a more consistent format but work in process for critique by others in several technical forums I frequent.

Andromeda, Gendler, gold standard for project 20150830

This is a photo I wish I had taken, but didn’t. I hope Mr. Gendler doesn’t mind its display here. If he does mind, I will respond to his attorney promptly.

Dave, hoping the Lord will bless me with another year or two with Stella the telescope.


2 Responses to “Astro photos moving to Astrobin.com”
  1. Laura says:

    Very nice photo! How does the winter sky look these days? I am hoping for more than a couple of more years for you to be on this side of heaven.

  2. Larry Ayers says:

    I’ll check out your Astrobin images. The skies here have been cloudy lately. One aspect of the sky view here at 32 degrees of latitude which would seem strange to you or any other Midwesterner is the appearance of the moon. The crescent moon is cocked to one side several degrees rather than being nearly erect. It looks like it slipped a bit, and I’m still not used to it! What must it look like at the equator?

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