Friday, February 23rd, 2018

I help maintain my church website, and like many such sites it has the option for one or more internal blogs. I recently created a blog called Christian Cosmology and added a link to it on my list of links in the sidebar. The image above is from the Wikipedia article on cosmology, and it […]

Sometimes life seems to get all tangled up or maybe life goes on its merry way and I get all tangled up trying to make sense of it. Either way, the last month-and-a-half has been a real dandy for this member of the Ayers clan. Not that you care all that much, of course, but […]

I have been reading Black Holes & Time Warps: Einsteins Outrageous Legacy by Kip S. Thorne. He wrote it in late 1993, and it was published in 1994. A cover blurb states, “Deeply satisfying…[An] engrossing blend of theory, history, and anecdote” –Wall Street Journal. In his Preface, Thorne explains his goal for the book. For […]

In this insane world, one yearns for sane words. Many years ago I found these helpful words of wisdom, and I made a now-fading copy (typed on a real typewriter) and stuck it in my Bible. They are words from a little devotional book that I first discovered in 1984, according to the date inside […]

Astronomy Picture of the Day for Thursday gives this awesome view from the top of Mount Whitney. (Click for enlarged image.) Shameless quote: Explanation: Scroll right to take in the view from the highest summit in the contiguous USA. The above 360-degree digitally stitched panorama, taken in mid-July, shows the view from 4,400-meter high Mt. […]

Would not a more biblically literate population be a good thing for believers and non-believers alike? Even a cursory survey of American history reveals that in earlier times almost everyone was familiar with the language of the Bible and it’s imagery. Just read the letters to written by soldiers engaged in the Civil War. They […]

On November 21, I rashly promised to opine about how the global economy got so screwed up that it is causing a lot of pain. I’m not smart enough, so I won’t try to analyze and explain. What I can do, perhaps, is to look at things from a more personal level since it is […]

Saturday evening’s Saddleback political event may come to be regarded as the true kick-off of the presidential election campaign of 2008. It was unprecedented in terms of venue and format. Held at California’s Saddleback Church, Pastor Rick Warren conducted back-to-back hour-long interviews, first with Barack Obama and then with John McCain. The interviews overlapped briefly, […]

Credit & Copyright: GŁnter Kerschhuber (Gahberg Observatory) (Click on image for larger view) Explanation: The Virgo Cluster of Galaxies is the closest cluster of galaxies to our Milky Way Galaxy. The Virgo Cluster is so close that it spans more than 5 degrees on the sky – about 10 times the angle made by a […]

“Like hell He does!” was my instant reaction.

I was minding my own business, curled up with the latest Modern Reformation, when I was jarred by the title “God Loves Movies.” The article, which turned out to be very lively reading, purports to show that modernist Christianity has neglected to understand how very important visual imagery, drama, and storytelling are to God. How the author got his interview wasn’t revealed.