Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

The Orlop has been in the doldrums, due to the changing internet and human sloth. The answer seemed to be a merciful death for my blog, but I finally decided to temporize by writing a first of every month post for a while. Time will tell whether this is simply “April fool” or a new […]

Although I am pretty certain about who I will vote for in November, I still listen to what both Obama and McCain are saying. I doubt if many people have paid too close attention to the race so far, but columnist Peggy Noonan writes that They’re Paying Attention Now. It’s hard for our political class […]

Saturday evening’s Saddleback political event may come to be regarded as the true kick-off of the presidential election campaign of 2008. It was unprecedented in terms of venue and format. Held at California’s Saddleback Church, Pastor Rick Warren conducted back-to-back hour-long interviews, first with Barack Obama and then with John McCain. The interviews overlapped briefly, […]

The WordPress software that makes the Orlop appear was upgraded to version 2.5.1 on Wednesday, May 28, 2008, at 11:00 a.m. (Not that you care, if you are reading this.)

According to Nomads at last in the latest on-line Economist, a new generation of techno-Bedouins is emerging in the culture. Is this a Good Thing? You’ll have to decide that for yourselves. The generation gap is too wide for me to even think about it. As a word, vision and goal, modern urban nomadism has […]

I’m not much on making resolutions, probably because my track record on keeping them is pretty spotty. An 18th Century theologian named Jonathan Edwards, yes that one (Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God), had a go at it on August 17, 1723, and couldn’t stop until he listed 70 resolutions that he vowed […]

Every time I see the posted fuel pump prices, I wonder about the premium price of diesel over gasoline. Obviously the premium still makes economic sense, but I certainly didn’t have a clue. Today’s Economist helps clear the air, so to speak, since my impression of diesel vehicles is cluttered up with inappropriate images of […]

Sometime today the equinox occurs. The Astronomy Picture of the Day site provides a spectacular view of the event, courtesy of the Expedition 15 crew. Earth dwellers will experience nearly 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness. Recorded last June from the International Space Station, the Sun’s limb still peeks above the distant […]

Blogging economist Arnold Kling has this interesting outlook on the purpose of free elections: I continue to view elections as an opportunity for voters to provide a check against politicians. Instead, if you view it as an opportunity to elect a great leader, you are falling into the trap of what Daniel Klein calls “the […]

Written by David Halberstam, author of The Best and the Brightest, Ho, and others, The Powers That Be is another 740-pager that somehow found its way onto Mt. Toberead. I don’t know why friends keep giving me these big blockbuster books and expect me to read them. Maybe I really do.