Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

I started clarinet lessons in 4th grade. Fast forward 8 years. When I was graduated from high school (1949) I had played most all of the single-reed woodwinds. Going into my senior year, in the fall of 1948, I auditioned and was accepted for the b-flat and e-flat alto clarinet player in the St. Louis […]

I know, I should have some photos to go with this, but on my summer evening one mile walks I am often surprised by the images that pop up in my mind. Let me explain. I’m ambling along down tree-shaded 22nd street, enjoying the soft summer breeze, when a couple drives by in a convertible. […]

I never saw Stan the Man play in the flesh, but I didn’t really need to. I saw him and the other St. Louis Cardinals through the eyes and voices of the likes of Harry Caray and Gabby Street as they called the games in the 1940s and 1950s. I never saw his famous crouching […]

As everyone knows, there are really only two seasons in the year. Summer is the nice one. Bummer is the other one. The former starts with the first pitch in earnest during Major League Baseball’s spring training. I usually deem summer to end with the last pitch of the World Series. But not this year. […]

Well, it would have been my war if I hadn’t received a draft deferment for being in the Reserve Officer’s Training Corps (ROTC) while the war was going on. Lately I have been on a reading kick learning something about “my” war. I am ashamed to say that at that time I was hardly aware […]

Summer jobs for college students come in many flavors, and I will never forget the summer I spent riding a rock drill helping dig a trench for a utility line. I seem to remember that the tool weighed about 90 pounds while I weighed all of 125, but I think my memory has inflated the […]

You just think you are. One of the perquisites of old age is the license to regale you young folks with the way it used to be, confident that most of you are too young to call me on it. Since stories of walking through the snow drifts to school have little currency this time […]

My town is a musical town. One of its traditions is the Quincy Park Band, and one sure sign of summer is the appearance of the Park District’s mobile band shell next to the tennis courts in Madison Park. This past Sunday was a typical warm summer evening for an hour’s band music from 6:30 […]

I was raised in an age of comparative innocence. I remember going into the Barber Shop near downtown Topeka, Kansas, as a nine- or ten-year old boy, still wet behind the ears as they say, and encountering my first Negro. (The things one remembers! And only because I happened to call for a haircut appointment […]

Since mankind (I refuse to say humankind) has always sliced the inexorable passage of time into four-season packages, and since package #2011 is drawing to a merciful end, and since I now find myself at our Lake of the Ozarks hideaway with time to ponder, please humor me by reading a few public ponderings. When […]