Friday, February 23rd, 2018

Several times over the past 5 years or so I have posted about my encounters with Kenneth L. Abbott at 22nd and Washington, near the mid-point of my daily walks. He passed into the company of his Maker on March 11, 2012 at age 89. Last fall he pulled to the curb in his immaculate […]

This shot is too good not to pass along. Son Larry is spending a few months in Bisbee, Arizona, this winter and doing a little sight-seeing. Here we have in one view 50 million-year-old rocks, 100 year-old trees, a 57 year-old man, and perhaps a bunch of 20-year-old microwave and cellular towers, all happily coexisting. […]

That’s what we were singing and dancing to in 1948, you will be amazed to know. It occurs to me that that year may have represented the apogee of American ascendancy on the world scene, which also may mean that we have generally been going downhill for the last 61 years. Anyone want to argue […]

In 2005 I met a delightful gentlemen, nameless at that time, whom I called the Broom Man. I usually encountered him in front of his bungalow with a broom, sweeping the debris off of his walks and out of his street gutters. I would wave, and he would hold out his broom and ask me […]

I don’t know either, but for a grisly perspective click on the image to the left. OK, have you digested that? (Maybe ‘digest’ was a poor choice of words.) As son Larry would say, Edward R. Tufte would love that graphic. (Tufte wrote two classic books entitled, “The Visual Display of Quantitative Information” and “Envisioning […]

Election 2008 will doubtless be plumbed and picked at by historians for many years to come. Most of what we are reading about the election today, and will be reading for many months to come, is emotional, off-the-cuff stuff based on the writer’s political presuppositions. The Orlop (my alter ego and memoir) is expecting me […]

With apologies to Jerome K. Jerome for cribbing his title (by the way, if you haven’t read this funny little book, you should) , three septuagenarian Ayers brothers met at Monarch Cove, Lake of the Ozarks, for four days of relaxation, conversation, and fishing, in order of importance. Gathered here on the deck of Dave […]

I wonder why I liked “Caring for Your Introvert?” Thanks to Michael Kruse who thanked Wendy Bailey for finding this article. My name is Dave, and I am an introvert.

Son and first-time grandfather Larry posted this. There is nothing I can add. Riverside Rambles: Larry Ayers’ Weblog » Five Generations Dave, looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner.

It would be worth the cost of a trip to England just for the fun of trying to “have the Internet.” It wouldn’t offend me at all to be refused service. I would love to talk to that young clerk. What a hoot it would be! I’d come away with enough material for a year […]