Saturday, January 20th, 2018

Pride of Baltimore II

More than two years ago I started construction of Pride of Baltimore II, a 1/64 scale model of a fast sailing schooner of the type known as a Baltimore Clipper. The original Pride ruled the waves from 1805 to 1815, the precursor of the Clipper ship era of the 1850s.

An authentic replica of the original Pride was launched in 1977 and sailed on May 1, 1977, from Baltimore. On May 14, 1986, the Pride of Baltimore was lost at sea along with four crew members. A best-selling book, Pride of the Sea by Tom Waldron tells the story of the Pride’s last voyage and survival at sea.

The keel was laid for Pride II in May of 1987, and she put to sea in 1989.

Real Pride II
Here is the real Pride of Baltimore II. I hope my kit project will bear some resemblance.

12-22-04 The Model Shipways kit is plank on bulkhead. Here the foundation is ready for planking and decking.

Deck furniture
8-27-05 The “deck furniture” has been fabricated and finished.

Planked (2)
1-28-06 Planked and decked with bulwarks installed.

6-16-06 Planked and decked hull with bulwarks installed and painted.

10-20-06 Hull painted to the waterline.

8-28-08 Another two years has passed. The hull is now essentially completed, and it is being held tight to the mounting board ways with fore and aft rubber bands. The nice mounting board was given me by Larry too many years ago.

After the drilling of the hawse hole and adding a few cannon, it will be ready for masting and rigging.

Pride hull 1 8-28-08

Pride hull 2 8-28-08

Pride hull 3 8-28-08

Hull with masts6-13-09 The progress hasn’t been as I might wish, but the two masts have been assembled and are ready for some rigging to be applied before setting them permanently in place. Before I can do that, I have to add the bowsprit so the hull will have a nose. Here is how she looks today, complete with rubber band hold-downs. Click image to see a larger version.

I posted some remarks with my lament for the slow progress.