October 8, 2004:
* A few trees in our neck of the woods are showing color, so we know that the dimming days of "bummer" are not far off. The baseball post-season is in full swing, and the World Series will be history by trick or treat time. That day marks the transition of my two season year from glorious summer to wearisome bummer.

September 14, 2004:
* My "ease into geezerhood" project, a model of the 1763 cutter, The Duke William, is another month along, and several images have been added to the Duke folder on the images page. I'll be getting into masts and spars and rigging soon.

September 6, 2004:
* Enjoy this glorious September sunrise at the Lake of the Ozarks.

September 1, 2004:
* To counter the flood of nonsense coming out of both the Democratic and Republican camps about the "war on terror," I offer here a speech given by the former President of the Weizmann Institute of Science, Haim Harari, entitled Undeclared WWIII.

August 15, 2004:
* The Duke William model is still on the ways, but progress is being made. A couple more progress shots have been posted to the images page. The Soling 1 Meter R/C yacht is also coming along. The electronic innards have been installed, sail and rudder servos tested, and masting and rigging are coming up. Got to get it launched before the snow flies!
* Baseball, fishing, and modeling are mercifully center stage for me during this political silly season. A pox on all their houses!

July 23, 2004:
* The past few days have been hot and muggy, very typical of summers along the mid-Mississippi river in the USA. It reminds me of summers in St. Louis in the days before ubiquitous air conditioning. Even today there are still many in the inner city that suffer much more from the heat than we used to in the suburbs. We at least had open spaces to catch a breeze now and then. And now, of course, we can retreat to our cocoons of refrigerated air when the sun beats down and the steam rises from the earth.

July 9, 2004:
* A progress photo of the Duke William model has been added to the images page, Duke William folder.
* Happy 73rd birthday to me, and thanks to those who sent me cards, although I don't really need a reminder that the years are passing. I walk like an old man, I quack like an old man, so I must be an old man. Sigh.

July 3, 2004:
* The famchat blog is dead. It was a noble experiment, but a blog is a blog and not a private communication vehicle. Mercy killing was the only solution.
* Here in the midwest, obvious center of the universe, it is "the good ol' summertime." By early September we will have had our fill of hot, muggy weather and be looking forward to the change of seasons, but for right now at least we are enjoying long, sweaty walks, said enjoyment no doubt due in large part to central air conditioning at the end of the walk.
* Enjoy your summer!

June 17, 2004:
* To blog or not to blog, that is the question. This website is accessible to anyone who stumbles across it, and I will continue to add a general comment or two here on a hit-or-miss basis. As far as family goes, we are experimenting with a private (read non-syndicated, members only) blog where we can communicate our personal thoughts and comments, as we are now doing with an e-mail list. This is not the usual use of a blog, but it may work for us. Stay tuned.

June 1, 2004:
* The cutter Duke William (1763-1768) is starting to take shape in the shipyard. Three photos were posted to the images page.

May 26, 2004:
* I suspect that I am not alone in pondering this strange war in Iraq; why we are there and how it is playing out. For once history doesn't seem to be very helpful, since the declared enemy is "terrorism," a subhuman cause without face, people, or place. I can think of only two redeeming aspects of the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq. I think probably that the war has reduced the prospects of another major terrorist attack on U.S. soil, for the moment at least, and the taking down of Saddam's regime may have opened the way for a more stable mideast. At this point neither is near fulfilment - and may never be.
* History seems to show that mankind nearly always muddles through its crises, in spite of flawed leadership and confused aims. Let's hope that this will be the case with our latest global adventure.

April 26, 2004:
* Spring, 2004. Election year. A country at war but not living like it. Volunteer armed forces taking casualties in far-off Irag and Afghanistan. Dogwood trees in full bloom. Rising dissension among Christians about the fundamentals of the faith. The rise of Islam in the U.S. These are paradoxical, fascinating, complex times for caring people everywhere. Life is not dull.
* The boatyard has slowed down a bit as the weather has improved. This is the time to be outdoors. Work continues on the next model ship project: The Duke William, 1763-1768, purchased by the British Admiralty and used as design basis for Royal Navy cutters. Photos will be posted Real Soon Now.

April 2, 2004:
* "The Making of a Model Shipwright" on the literature page has been updated to reflect completion of the Armed Virginia Sloop.

Home page posts archive

April 1, 2004:
* It's probably fitting that I sound off on April Fool's day. A fresh new baseball season will begin in a few days. Maybe this will be the year for the Redbirds. A fresh new fishing season is here, not that you could tell from my lack of success so far. Maybe this will be the year for that lunker bass.
* Hope is everywhere this time of year. The promise of summer stretches before us, and our highest hope of all will be celebrated on Easter Sunday. He is risen indeed. Life is good.
* My lenten meditation has wandered through the 16th chapter of Matthew and is well into chapter 17.

March 12, 2004:
* The Armed Virginia Sloop model is finished. Really. Pictorial evidence can be found on the images page. Now what do I do with it? What do I start next, now that I have baptized "superbench" and received wifely sanction? Stay tuned.

February 26, 2004:
* Dave's Bible Diary has been replaced by a Lenten study of the 16th chapter of Matthew until Easter. I hope to make a more-or-less daily entry.
* Superbench has been completed in the model shipyard dungeon. You can find a photo of it, still clean and uncluttered, in the Model Shipyard album on the images page. I am nearing launching time for the Armed Virginia Sloop, and after the last bit of rigging is done I'll duly post a few images.

February 20, 2004:
* It's time once again to recognize the change of the season for my two season calendar. Today we change from bummer to summer. Spring training begins today, ushering in a new baseball season. Things are looking up.

January 27, 2004:
* It's snowing, the temperature is dropping toward single digits, and the wind is adding insult to injury. It's the good ol' bummertime. We are seeing the hours of daylight slowly start to increase, offering a thread of hope that spring and summer is really on the way.
* By now you've figured out that I really have nothing much to say, and now you've heard it. Back to hibernation.

December 23, 2003:
* Click the "Armed Virginia Sloop" link on the images page to see the latest progress photo. In spite of shaky hands the final rigging of the model continues.
* At the beginning of winter small gifts are appreciated. From now on into spring the days will be getting longer. At this latitude the winter solstice gave us a perigee of only nine hours of daylight. It's still "bummer." The boys of summer are still playing golf.

December 7, 2003:
* Where were you when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor? It occurs to me that this is getting to be a pretty dumb question. One has to be long in tooth to even think about answering. Let's see -- I was 10 years old at the time, but I remember how Mom called me in from playing to listen to the radio reports. Today I can think of only two or three men and women who served during "The Great War." Thanks, guys and gals.

November 15, 2003:
* I'm ready to begin rigging the Armed Virginia Sloop model, and there is an update on the images page.
* Because of the cooling weather, the long nights, and the upcoming "holiday season," I am feeling pretty glum. I hope it proves to be a short winter followed by an early spring. Maybe I should say a quick "blessed Christmas and happy New Year" and go into hibernation for a few months.
* Another woe: yesterday's premier of Master & Commander missed Quincy.

October 26, 2003:
* Well, it finally happened. My summer came to an end last night as the Florida Marlins beat the New York Yankees 2-0 in game six to win the World Series. The game was baseball at its best with a 23-year-old pitching a 5 hit complete game shutout.
* So my "bummer" season begins with its cold, dark days until the sun starts orbiting higher in the heavens again and another spring brings around another baseball season, Lord willing.

October 23, 2003:
* You can find the obligatory fall color images here . This year I took a stroll eastward up Maine Street from 14th on a bright morning. Not as bright as last year, but nice.

October 17, 2003:
* I've gathered a few images taken on last month's Hawaii vacation in the "Hawaii 2003" album on the images page. With the digital camera and 256 MB of memory, I accumulated over 200 high-resolution images, most of which don't deserve to see the light of day. But thanks to the law of averages there are some that you might ooh and ahh over.
* There also is another progress shot showing the launching ways for the Armed Virginia Sloop model.
* Now it is about time to go into "bummer" hibernation, since the "boys of summer" have just a few games left for this baseball season. Sigh!

September 5, 2003:
* New album on images page: Model Shipyard.

August 31, 2003:
* Another progress shot posted on the images page for the Armed Virginia Sloop model. Of such small stuff a life of retirement is made.

August 22, 2003:
* Dog days indeed! Even though the autumnal equinox is less than a month away, three-digit temperatures in this neck of the woods are a reminder that it is still summer. Of course, by my definition,summer doesn't end until the last out of the World Series in October, when the season changes from summer to bummer, which lasts until the first pitch of next year's spring training.
* On the home front, "work" on the sloop model continues at a snail's pace in between bouts of bass fishing. The list of Real Soon Now projects are piling up, as they always do at this time of year. I worry not, confident that these chores will either get done or be forgotten in due time. Not everything needing to be done needs to be done, I say.

July 23, 2003:
* Progress continues on the Armed Virginia Sloop and another image has been added to the AVS album on the images page.

June 21, 2003:
* Today we reach the summer solstice marking the official beginning of the summer and the beginning of the slippery downhill slope of shortening days. Here in Quincy, Illinois, USA, the sun rises today at 5:36 and sets at 8:37, giving us 15 hours and 1 minute of glorious daylight. At noontime, the sun is 73.5 degrees above the horizon. In case you've forgotten, around Christmas time we will be down to not much more than 9 hours of daylight.

June 16, 2003:
* Another month has passed and the model ship has progressed with picture to prove it. See the Armed Virginia Sloop album.
* Summer is finally here, so what am I doing in the dark basement working on a ship model? I think it's time to go back to the lake and go fishing.

May 16, 2003:
* Another progress photo has been added to the Armed Virginia Sloop album on the images page.

May 2, 2003:
* An annual event that I know you all are interested in is the bass spawn at Lake of the Ozarks. The male bass have prepared the beds in the shallows and are busy playing grab-ass near the shore. The large females, most still bursting with eggs, are cruising in deeper water near the beds waiting for a signal to hover over the nearest bed and do their thing. Hordes of bluegills are making nuisances of themselves, looking for a snack of bass-caviar. With dozens of bedding areas to choose from, I am a happy fisherman.

April 24, 2003:
* New on the images page - an album of progress photos for my ship modeling project the Armed Virginia Sloop. I am building this kit from instructions on a "practicum" CD by Bob Hunt, a professional model maker. It is the "freshman" project in his College of Model Shipbuilding, an interesting concept. I am learning why 95% of all ship model kits purchased are never completed.

April 21, 2003:
* Springtime is showing the first early signs of passing into summer. The forsythia are sending out new green shoots among the bright yellow blossoms, tulips and daffodils are starting to look old and tired, the lilacs and dogwoods are in full bloom, and the trees and bushes are starting to show real leaves, an honest green. The first month of the new baseball season is drawing to a close, and the bass's thoughts are turning to sex, so all is right with the world.
* As for the Iraqi invasion, what can one say except thanks that the periods of serious shooting were blessedly short, as these things go.

April 10, 2003:
* "Baghdad Falls!" screams the headlines in this morning's paper. One can only wonder where all this is leading. What have we done? Some day the historians will have a ball explaining the war in Iraq. In the meantime, pundits without a clue will tie themselves in knots trying to rationalize it. I can hardly wait.
* Otherwise, it's a beautiful Spring morning here in western Illinois. Who would know that people are suffering on the other side of the world?

March 19, 2003:
* I've written a little essay for the literature page about four years of ship modeling frustration. It includes some pretty pictures of my models, mostly still unfinished. It is The Making of a Model Shipwright

March 15, 2003:
* Beware the Ides of March. Julius Caesar ignored the warning - with what result? You Shakespeare buffs know the answer. I don't know where I'm going with this - probably nowhere.
* I'm on a roll with Dave's Bible Diary, meaning well but probably flinging heresies right and left.

March 5, 2003:
* Today is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the forty days (excluding Sundays) traditionally devoted by Christians to personal reflection on their relationship to God. Dave's Bible Diary will continue the reading from the book of Romans during Lent. Chapters 7 and 8 seem particularly suited to Lenten meditations.
* Speaking of things to repent of, March 12 is being mentioned as the beginning of the U.S. invasion of Iraq. What a wierd "war!"

February 13, 2003:
* Things are looking up! This is the last day of bummer, and tomorrow is the first day of summer. The pitchers and catchers start throwing tomorrow in sunny Florida. The sports pages are talking baseball again, and all's well with the world.
* Well, part of the world anyway. Kuwait is like a bulging pipe as the troops pour in and the pressure builds up. All we can do is hope and pray that the game is worth the candle and that human suffering will be as little as possible.

January 28, 2003:
* Tonight we hear the President's State of the Union speech. Iraq and Saddam Hussein will no doubt be a major topic, as well it should. The Internet is full of opinions about war or no war, some well reasoned and some mere rants and screeds from both sides of the issue. I might as well add a my bit to the noise level.

January 6, 2003:
* For some belated Fall color, see the images page.

* By reason of age, generation and background, I tend toward hawkishness. At the same time I confess a profound unease about an all-out invasion of Iraq. There are valid humanitarian and political arguments against taking such a step now. Since fence-straddling is always uncomfortable, I guess I will crawl down on the side of going into Iraq now, rather than prolonging a lousy war which has been going on for a dozen years. May God have mercy on us and the Iraqis!

December 24, 2002:
* For many of us the Christmas season brings on a flood of conflicting feelings. The peace based on a genuine Christmas seems to elude us. My wish for all who read this is that you capture a magic moment this season when the peace of Jesus Christ becomes real to you and you know that you are blessed.

November 19, 2002:
* For the budding Bible scholars among us, let me plug a newly-found web site full of some pretty sound stuff: Bible Bell Chronicles. I've added a permanent link to the site on the sidebar.

November 16, 2002:
* I wrote a short article with some reflections on the Costa Rica medical mission trip for the church newsletter. It can be found on the literature page.
* The confluence of some spectacular fall color in these parts and the acquisition of a new Canon G2 digital camera has produced some images that will be posted here shortly, as soon as I quit experimenting with a new image cataloging program.

October 29, 2002:
* Why four seasons? Do the equinoxes and solstices make for logical seasonal divisions? I offer the modest suggestion that there really are only two meaningful seasons, summer and bummer. Summer begins on the day that pitchers report for spring training in April and ends with the concluding game of the World Series in late October. The rest of the year is pretty much worthless, a bummer.
* Today's Bible diary entry wraps up the book of Revelation. (Finally!). Next, with the blessing, come the books of Romans through Hebrews.

October 21, 2002:
* I now have my domain name, "dayers.net" back. The domain name registrar negotiated its return to me from the Canadian pirate operation. This site can now be reached using either http://www.dayers.net or http://www.dcahome.com .

October 14, 2002:
* Summer has finally met its match and yielded to frosty nights and cooler days. Color is starting to show in the Maples, and the leaves are slowly drifting down. Another year will soon be winding down. And the end is in sight for my foolhardy commentary on the book of Revelation.

September 27, 2002:
* By now I hope you have found the images and words describing last month's Costa Rica medical mission trip. As I reflect on the experience, I know that I have been blessed by it and hope that it marked the beginning of a continuing relationship with that remarkable missionary, Sung-Do Park.
* I am writing this from our condo bedroom overlooking the main channel of the Lake of the Ozarks. It's a calm brilliant day and it is quiet (few vacationers) with a hint of fall in the air. Now if someone would just tell the bass that it's time to tie on the feedbag... .

September 9, 2002:
* Images from Costa Rica have been posted to the images page. The images are in chronological order, but probably won't make much sense until I add some commentary, which is due Real Soon Now.

September 4, 2002:
* I'm back from Costa Rica, and it will be a while before I can begin to tell about the experience. You can look forward to an essay or two popping up on the literature page as well as lots of images of that beautiful country and its beautiful people.
* What can be more invigorating than the bright days of September and the waning of the long baseball season? The only thing missing is an Ozarks view, and we plan to remedy that soon.

August 21, 2002:
* Saturday morning, August 24, four doctors, a nurse, a preacher and myself board a Continental flight to San Jose, Costa Rica, to bring medical care and a Christian message to some of the forgotten and ignored indigenous Indian tribes there. The seven of us are checking through 14 large bags packed with drugs for the clinics, clothing and other gifts for the Indians - and enough candy to ruin the teeth of a whole lot of kids! No doubt you will hear more about this adventure after our return on the 31st.

August 2, 2002:
* As you can see, we are now to be found at www.dcahome.com. If and when I get www.dayers.net back, that address will work also. I recommend you change your bookmarks for the site to www.dcahome.com.
* When the summer wanes and the days start getting cooler, I plan to get caught up on posting the images I have been collecting for the past few months, including pictures taken yesterday when we were visited by Myrta, a wonderful lady out of the Ayers boys very distant past, like during the 1930s. More on that later.

July 10, 2002:
* I have just experienced having my domain name stolen (dayers.net) and held for ransom, so no one will be able to read this until the problem is resolved. When it is, I may have some wisdom to pass along regarding domain names and how they are registered... and stolen.
* One of the current trends on the web is "blogging." A "blog" is a web site based on someone's personal journal and idiosyncracies. So it turns out that I am riding a current trend, unbeknownst! Either good for me or shame on me, take your pick.
* Say something nice about me for making it through 71 whole years intact. Well, mostly intact.

June 26, 2002:
* The summer solstice has come and gone, and it won't be many moons before the days start getting shorter again. We had better enjoy our 15 hours of daylight while we can.

June 19, 2002:
* Certain events seem to mark the end of an era. Yesterday, Jack Buck, voice of the St. Louis Cardinals, died at age 77. Two generations of Cardinal baseball fans received their vicarious baseball thrills via the smooth voice of Jack Buck. I remember when he began his career with the Cards in 1954 as second banana to Harry Caray. Buck was one of the best at what he did. What more could anyone ask than to be remembered in this way?

May 23, 2002:
* One of my favorite writers is Bill Bonner, who writes an always interesting email newsletter called "The Daily Reckoning." He is an American who lives with his family in Paris. In two recent letters he wrote More Advice to a Young Man. It's on the literature page. Hope you enjoy it.

May 13, 2002:
* If you were unable to reach this page around the first of May, it wasn't your computer. There was a domain name registration snafu that took a few days to clean up. Sorry.
* If any of you know anything about the history of Costa Rica, especially about the indigenous Indians there, I would like to hear from you. I will be part of a medical mission trip to the mountains of Costa Rica in late August, and I am determined to bridge the personal culture gap as best I can.

April 19, 2002:
* I just realized that it was a year ago, on April 10, 2001, that I started "Dave's Bible Diary." I've been slogging my way through the last 8 books of the Bible, probably slinging heresies right and left. The book of Revelation may turn out to be my undoing, but I'm hanging in there.
* Did you know that President Bush is thinking that the horse may laugh? Read about it here.

April 10, 2002:
* I'll try it one more time: Spring is here. Finally we are seeing 70-degree days and spring rains. All God's creation knows it is spring again except for the wily Bass, frustrating this wannabe Bass fisherman. The Lake of the Ozarks will soon be surrounded by green again, once the red oaks decide to grow a new set of leaves. For now we enjoy the crab apple and forsythia and look forward to the dogwoods Real Soon Now.

March 30, 2002:
* So ends the season of lent in this second year of the new millenium. Tomorrow morning Christians will turn out in their Easter best to fill the world's churches and cathedrals. For all, Christian or not, the air is full of hope prompted by the first greening of spring. As usual this hope is marred in many parts of the world by killing and destruction, a reminder that the ultimate hope of the world has yet to be realized. But hope and blessings prevail. Alexander Pope didn't get it quite right when he wrote "Hope springs eternal in the human breast: Man never is, but always to be blest."

March 21, 2002:
* What's going on? Spring arrived officially at 2 yesterday afternoon. Today it is snowing and the temperature is falling toward the mid-teens. Otherwise everything is normal with March Madness, primary elections with dubious choices, and body counts in the news.

March 6, 2002:
* Never again will I announce the arrival of spring! Can you say six below zero and 3 inches of snow? I humbly and publicly state here that I have not a clue as to spring's ETA. (Sigh!)

February 28, 2002:
* I hereby announce that the winter of 2001-2002 is officially over, at least in Jupiter, Florida. The Cards play the first game of spring training with the New York Mets today, kicking off another season of baseball. What joy! Forget that snow is in the forecast and that the fish haven't even thought about spawning yet. There can be no doubt that a glorious springtime is just around the corner. Life begins anew. The cure for cabin fever is at hand! Remember that you first heard it here.

February 15, 2002:
* I've reorganized Dave's Bible Diary a bit to make it easier to get around. The link above will take you to the current page (2 John) with an Index to earlier entries.
* Next: some updating of the Images pages, which I hope to do before the fish start biting.

February 13, 2002:
* What is more dreary than a dark February day, sun still hanging low in the southern sky and glaring in your eyes, the wind whistling through leafless limbs. Well, dreary is as dreary does, and I say let's fight the season, these worthless months, with thoughts of sun and warmth. Anyone know how to do this?
* Hearing nothing but silence, I crawl meekly back into my lair and pick up another book. The book du jour is Losing Friends by Digby Anderson, one of those rare books with a fresh viewpoint. I won't say more at the moment, except that it starts out with this quotation from Euripides: "One loyal friend is worth 10,000 relatives." Food for thought, eh?

January 25, 2002:
* Winters are for reading. This septuagenarian curmudgeon is still reading Patrick O'Brian (now delighting in "The Wine Dark Sea" for perhaps the 5th time). The season demanded reacquaintance with the Lord of the Rings, and I happily lost myself in the trilogy again, followed by Tolkien's Silmarillion, which I am struggling through. And then there was a ponderous new biography of Winston Churchill and a couple of Bernard Cornwell sea tales. Harry Potter is waiting in the wings. Surprisingly interesting was "Ronald Reagan, in his own hand," a collection of unedited, hand-written scripts for his weekly radio shows before he became president. So many books, so little time.

January 1, 2002:
* Welcome to the year two (as we used to say back in 1802.)
* Brother Tom discovered an Ayers family picture snapped in about 1943, posted for your viewing pleasure on the images page. Aren't we just the cutest little guys, and why is Dad gritting his teeth?
* Keep sticking those pins in your Osama bin Laden doll.

December 21, 2001:
* The long-awaited winter solstice has finally arrived, and we can now look forward to longer and warmer days in the months ahead. Just hunker down and hybernate for a couple months, and the darkness will lift. One of the wonders of God's creation is the perfect timing and rythm of the seasons.
* If you yearn for the age of sail, I've added a nice painting of the HMS Victory and her consorts to the images page.
* Christmas blessings to all, and to all a good night.

December 10, 2001:
* The link on the family page, Dave Ayers and family has had minor surgery to reflect the marriage of Leslie and John.

November 21, 2001:
* Thanksgiving, 2001, will have a special meaning for us, given our present state of war and our images of September 11. Compared with much of the world we are truly blessed.
* For our family, travel safely to O'Fallon tomorrow to see if Leslie can cope with a mob; for the turkey, sorry (but not really); and for all who stumble across this page, our wishes for a happy Thanksgiving.

November 2, 2001:
* For trick-or-treating, Florissant style, see a few images, courtesy of Leslie, on the images page.

November 1, 2001:
* Now that we are over our 5 hour jet-lag, it's about time we share some images taken during our latest week on the Kona Coast of Hawaii. As you can see, we had great weather, which we enjoyed by doing nothing much except for letting the Aloha Spirit take over and slipping into a life of sloth. The City of Refuge shots were taken 20 miles or so down the coast from our condo, near the town of Captain Cook and Kealakakua Bay. Several beach shots were taken on Alii Drive during my daily walks up the coast. Jameson On The Sea is our favorite restaurant, followed closely by Huggos in Kailua Kona town. Nothing better than eating fresh fish just a biscuit-toss from the water from which it came. Go to the images page and click on first sidebar entry.

October 9, 2001:
* It's good to be alive in the fall of the year, isn't it? On my daily walks I smell the rain in the air, feast my eyes on splashes of color appearing against a dark green background, and feel the wind on my face. Only one thing is missing: the smell of burning leaves. We city-dwellers have been denied that joy to protect those who have certain respiratory conditions, and I guess that's a good thing.
* I think I have found out how to produce pages of photo thumbnails with a more adequate description, and I hope to post some more images soon. The program, for those who may be interested, is CompuPic for Windows or Linux. Google it for details. The Linux version is free and open source.
* My, my; we are prolix today, aren't we?

September 16, 2001:
* See Sailor Dave at the helm of Breeze on the images page. Or maybe you'd rather ogle the belly dancer, hmmmm?

September 12, 2001:
* As a nation we lost our virginity yesterday. I wait with baited breath to see where our leaders take us and pray for their wisdom and steadfastness in the months to come.
* Leslie flooded me with digital images taken at Kate and Phil's wedding in Santa Barbaralast month, so I just threw them all at the images page to see what would stick. Go there and click on the 'August, 2001' link.

August 31, 2001:
* Check the images page for a few shots taken while in Santa Barbara for Kate and Phil's wedding. Actual wedding shots coming Real Soon Now.
* I found a great painting by Geoff Hunt, whose paintings are on the covers of the Aubrey/Maturin novels, showing some of the ships and vessels commanded by Lucky Jack Aubrey. On the images page.

August 29, 2001:
* Read about my recent baptism into the arcane mysteries of sailing a boat on the literature page. Hmmm. That didn't sound right. We sailed the boat on the Pacific Ocean. You can read about it on the literature page.

August 17, 2001:
* A sampling of Conni's pictures from San Francisco in July are on the images page for your amazement.

July 28, 2001:
* Read all about it on the literature page. Linda and Kim go swimming.

July 22, 2001:
* New on the literature page - a modest little essay prompted by the recent birthday trip to the left coast.

July 20, 2001:
* I'm still looking for software that will handle image thumbnails like the one I used for the San Francisco pictures but that will let me add captions. Any comments you have on the "old style" vs. "new style" pages will be appreciated.
* I'm still pluggin' my way through 1 Peter, if anyone is interested. Can hardly wait until I get to Revelation, where the opportunity for heretical commentary is unlimited.

July 16, 2001:
* New on the images page: a link in the sidebar to my photos taken on the birthday-bash trip to the San Francisco area, July 6-10. I am collecting images from Leslie and John's wedding to post, so if you have some you would like to see posted, mail them to me.

June 30, 2001:
* If you haven't already figured it out, this web site has sunk into the depths of the summer doldrums. I am slowly chipping away at improving the organization of the images to make them easier to view and to absorb the new images which are rapidly accumulating. Don't you wish you could see them? You will be able to Any Day Now. Enjoy your summer. We are.

June 8, 2001:
* Bet you thought I was going to dazzle you with wedding pics. Wrong! There's something about lake air that gets in the way of progress. So just consider this a languid Ozarkian "hi."

May 31, 2001:
* The CHATS address list has been edited to reflect Mr/Mrs Fitzgerald's new email address, to wit: ljfitz2@home.com.
* Also worth note is that today is Dave and Marilyn's 48th wedding anniversary! Woo-hoo-hoo!

May 29, 2001:
* For the record, this site is now being hosted by Earthlink after being down for about a week.
* About the only change in the interim is in the Bible Diary, which is still plugging along. Coming Real Soon Now: Leslie's wedding pictures, your contributions will be welcomed.

May 14, 2001:
* The day after Mother's Day. I took a stroll over to Greenmount Cemetery and took a picture of Mom's (Marguerite S. Ayers) headstone. It's posted on the images page.

May 11, 2001:
* Added a purloined list of quotations about friendship to the literature page.

May 9, 2001:
* What a beautiful springtime we are having! Marilyn and I have just returned, somewhat reluctantly, from the Lake of the Ozarks, and I have posted another couple of shots of Monarch Cove condo from the water. I was going to post a shot of a 10 pound bass, but the fish market didn't have one. Maybe next trip.

April 26, 2001:
* Do we have any scanning experts out there? I peeled a photo of Katie off the fridge at Monarch Cove and scanned it, but I just couldn't make it look like the original. I posted it on the images page anyway. Any ideas?
* I'm also experimenting with a program that takes a bunch of images and creates a page of thumbnails that can be clicked on. I set up a "test" page for you to look at. Some day Real Soon Now I plan to re-organize the photos to make them easier to browse.

April 19, 2001:
* I must share this link with you: HMS Victory Model. It took the guy 20 years and 14,000 hours to construct it. And I can't even finish a plastic model. Bah!

April 17, 2001:
* Turn Leslie loose with a new digital camera, and look what happens! Take a look at Family Photos 2 on the images page. (And she says more are coming.)

Easter Sunday, April 15, 2001:
* We wish you a blessed Easter Sunday, filled with remembrance of our risen Savior. He is risen, indeed!

April 14, 2001:
* Betsy and Adrian, with exchange students Maria and Mariangel from Venezuela, paid us a visit at Monarch Cove March 31. A photo of them on the deck with the lake in the background has been posted to the images page.

April 10, 2001:
* Added Daves Bible Diary (new link above or from family page.) Also coming Real Soon Now are more photos for the images page.

March 13, 2001:
* Ever wondered what it's like to climb the shrouds of a square-rigged ship to the very top of the mast? Well, there is a modern square-rigger, the Rose sailing off the New England coast. A few of the contributors to the Patrick O-Brian mail list have sailed on her as crew, and one of them, MacKenna Charleson, beautifully described her first climb. It's on the literature page.

March 6, 2001:
* I've added a dumb little essay about one of my many bad habits. Click on the cross on the family page.

February 23, 2001:
* Since you all are just dying to know more about scurvy, check out this link.
* A piece about Katie has been added to the Cross link on the family page.

February 18, 2001:
* Want a free but modern Bible translation searchable online or on your HD? I just discovered the New English Translation, which is being developed online. Click on the cross on the family page for details, or use the NETBible bookmark.
* I've added a tribute to Arthur A. Collins to the family page. My time at Collins Radio Company was a high point in my career.

February 15, 2001:
* I'm a scanning fool today. Thanks to Linda and Leslie for sending me their prized photos to scan. They are being held by M for safekeeping, which means you will probably never see them again. All on the images page.

February 14, 2001: LATE REPORT
* I found this slipped under the front door just now. Do you suppose it could be from Marilyn?

February 14, 2001:
* Old adage: Give a man a fish, and you've fed him for a day. Teach him how to fish, and he'll sit around in a boat all day, drinking beer.
* For those of you who haven't seen it yet, new on the images page is the famous shot of Andrea Schmidt with Dubya.

February 12, 2001:
* New on the literature page: Lifespan of a Woodworm on the HMS Surprise. A poem.
* The CHATS email address list was updated with Leslie's new address.

February 8, 2001:
* It's income tax time again, Americans: time to gather up those receipts, get out those tax forms, sharpen that pencil, and stab yourself in the aorta. --Dave Barry
* There's a couple more photos on the images page, one from 1989 and another from about 1941. I'm looking for photos of Mom and Dad to post. I have a good one of Dad, but none of Mom. Can you help me out?

January 31, 2001:
* New on the images page: a colorful shot of your favorite Tutu and Tutukane in Hawaii. (Nice to think about this time of year!)

January 27, 2001:
* If I make it to model-making heaven, I know what will be waiting for me there. Check out the images page and click on "HMS Surprise" in the menu at the right. Hmmm. Wonder if I can catch bass from it?

January 22, 2001:
* For those of you who don't know where you are and don't trust your GPS:
etak Eagle. Aren't you amazed? (Well, I was.)

January 21, 2001:
* Happy birthday to Marilyn, my dear wife for almost 48 years.
* I found a photo of the Cedar Rapid grand-kids at Christmas. Why I hadn't posted it before now I don't know, but it's now on the images page. Good-looking kids, aren't they? (Of course the other six are just as handsome.)

January 17, 2001:
* William R. Hewlett died on January 12, 2001. William Hewlett and David Packard and the company they founded in 1939 were a major influence on my life as an electrical engineer and as a founder of Quintron Corporation. Read my personal tribute to these men and "the HP Way" on the family page.

January 8, 2001:
* New on the literature page: a Neil Postman quote about reading.

January 5, 2001:
* Even the snail-mail can bring pleasant surprises. Last week I received a letter from one John Webb, a good friend from my K-State and Signal Corps days. John went the extra mile to look me up and not only sent a good note with some photos. I may create an "Echos from the Past" page one of these days.
* To remind myself that I WILL launch the HMS Victory, a shot of her as she waits for masts, rigging and sails is on the Images page.

January 2, 2001:
* The CHATS mail list on the family page has been updated. Again. Are we through now, Linda?
* There are a couple more pictures of John's breeze on the images page. Happy New Year to all!

December 31, 2000:
* I'm a sucker for a pretty landscape. I lifted a snow scene from a webcam in the lake district of England for your enjoyment.
*John and Dori submitted a great photo of them at the wheel of their boat, Breeze. Both photos can be found on the Images page.
* The CHATS mail list has been updated and reformatted.

December 29, 2000:
* I succumbed to the urge to take a snow picture, which you may find on the Images page. It turns out we are having the 2nd coldest December in local history with eight light snows so far and average temperatures running 10 degrees or so below normal. It also has done magical things with our gas and light bill.
* If you'd like to play "can you top this," I'd be glad to post your snow shots. (Or any other shots, for that matter.)

December 25, 2000:
* We are in the waning hours of Christmas Day, and I have posted a family group photo taken this morning representing four generations of this branch of the Ayers clan. It's on the Images page. More to follow.

December 23, 2000:
* I have added a copy of my Netscape Bookmarks file at the top of the column at right, as of yesterday. Did you ever notice how a bookmarks file reflects personality traits, for better or for worse? I guess I'm letting it all hang out.

December 22, 2000:
* Bah! Humbug!
* Now that I've gotten that out of the way to protect my image, I wish for you all a very blessed Advent and a joyous Christmas with dry highways for all who will be traveling.
* Except for a couple of new jokes, rated somewhere between a smile and a sniff, and maybe lower temperatures on the weather links, there is nothing new here.

December 19, 2000:
* New today is a "Dubya" joke on the literature page, also an essay I dashed off instead of waiting until the mood passed.
* New on the images page is a spectacular view of the earth at night.
* I'm working on a new web bookmarks page. I'd be glad to add any of your favorites. Check back in a week or so.

December 15, 2000:
* There are several new items on the literature page, including a link to a "humor" page. With some trepidation I invite you to submit your favorite yuks.

December 14, 2000:
* I lifted a couple of photos from Tim and Karen's web site and put them on the images page. Great shots, as are all shots of grandkids and grandnephews.
* Placed a link to my bio for KSU Engineering Advisory Council on the family page.

December 13, 2000:
* For you budding wordsmiths out there (Larry and Linda come to mind), here's a link of possible interest: wordsmith.org. To jump-start the muse in you guys, consider this an official request for a paragraph or three describing yourself to the world - as you really are. I have posted mine on the "family" page so you can see what I mean. Don't tarry. The world waits!

December 9, 2000:
* I'm not too proud of them, but I have posted a couple of interior shots of the condo apartment at 234 Monarch cove. I'll try again one of these days and see if I can do better. I don't have optical zoom on my little digital camera, so don't have wide-angle capability (or at least that's my excuse.)
* Also a couple of shots from the water to give an idea of what the lake looks like during cold December.

December 6, 2000:
* The images page has been reorganized, again. The main images page has a few late arrivals, but the bulk of the photos have been placed on separate pages for Family Photos, Travel Photos, Abode Photos, and everything else on a Gallery page. These pages are reached through the links on the right panel on the images page. I hope this will make room for lots of new shots, especially those I know you are just aching to send along. Feel free to edit the captions. Tell me by email how they should have read.

December 4, 2000:
* On a slow day (the best kind) the best I can do is to share a limerick posted by Charlezzzz on the Open Linux user's list:
There was a young maid from Madras
Who had a magnificent ass.
Not rounded and pink
As you probably think.
It was gray, had long ears, and ate grass.
* Well, I thought it was funny.

Sunday, December 3, 2000:
* Look for a couple of new photos taken in October, 2000, of the bass boat in its new slip at Monarch Cove and a view of the condos from the lake.
* I cleaned up the format of the images page so that the captions stay to the right of the image and don't stray in between images.

Saturday, December 2, 2000:
* I'm going back looking for old images to put on the images page. Three of these have been added with more to come. What I don't have are "after" photographs of Ty Wass. Conni, can you scare up a few and email them to me?

Friday, December 1, 2000:
* A great essay on the Aubrey/Maturin series as literature was posted on the Gunroom mail list recently, and the author, Ken Ringle, who was a personal friend of Patrick O'Brian, gave me permission to post it on our literature page for your enjoyment.

Thursday, November 30, 2000:
* In the unlikely event that these words might be of interest to others in the future, I've added an archive page for prior daily entries. See the link below.
* Check out Kerry Layton's site at laytondesign.com. Very professional!
* Ever get the urge to build a model boat? If not, look at the Modelers Boatyard, and you just might. Even Bro Don might be interested.
* Another idea for the "family" page: I would be glad to customize a page for a family. You would have to provide the content.

Wednesday, November 29, 2000:
* Check out the "literature" page for the first entry. Linda somewhat reluctantly gave me permission to post it. I'm sure she would welcome critical reviews. A couple more entries are pending.

Tuesday, November 28, 2000:
* What's going to go on the "family" page, you ask? One idea: An entry for every family on CHAT list, with all of the vital statistics, addresses and numbers and birthdays and such. I would post it and depend on Marilyn and Conni to jump all over me to correct it. As for "literature," submit a short story or essay or poem or limerick (clean) to me as a text file, and I will convert it to html and post it. Who will be first?

Monday, November 27, 2000:
* Well, do we have a president-elect or not? Rather than worry about that, I've made several changes to the site, like more links on home page, a link on the images page to the first archive page, and a few cosmetic changes.

Sunday, November 26, 2000:
* The navigation buttons now work, but the literature and family pages do not have any content yet. Some photos taken last month in Hawaii have been posted to the images page. Enjoy.

Saturday, November 25, 2000:
* Decided it was time to stop playing with the Gimp and the Bluefish HTML editor and put the site on the server. The URL is http://www.dayers.net, but you already knew that or you wouldn't be here, right?
* The links to the right should work, but the navigation buttons above won't. Maybe tomorrow.