Friday, February 23rd, 2018

It’s about time we hear from Augustine of Hippo again. We have built our case for reconciling the creation views of Bible and science on a particular interpretation of Genesis 1, which is one interpretation among many. In his Confessions, Book XII, Augustine dealt with such differing interpretations. Having listened to all these divergent opinions […]

The stunning Hubble image below has little to do with Creation Week, but it looks back in time millions of years and is representative of how modern astronomy can see how the universe looked thousands of millions of years ago. In the foreground is a young (5 million years) star cluster, and the small eliptical […]

I can’t put it off any longer. A paradox begs for resolution. What was the duration of the six biblical days of creation: six times 24 hours, arbitrarily long “epochs,” or 13.7 billion years as the scientists say? Can the paradox be resolved without violating either biblical truth or scientific fact? Mr. Google tells me […]

I know, I said this post will be about Creation’s clocks, however I need to say a few words first about the importance of an observer’s frame of reference and where his timepiece is located when describing any event. Consider this fender-bender. The driver of the white van is describing what happened as she experienced […]

Scientists say that our earth took billions of years to reach its present state. The evidence is overwhelming, and I believe it. The Bible says that in just six days God created the universe and earth with life of all kinds. The evidence is compelling, and I believe it. Houston, we’ve got a problem. Even […]

Credit: WMAP Science Team, NASA. A few years ago, astronomers and astrophysicists created this map of the universe as it appeared just 380,000 years after the big bang, over 13 billion years ago. Our home planet earth is a mere 4.6 billion years old. Can it be that the scientific chronology for the birth and […]

In this article I will head straight for the tough stuff and tackle Chapter 3, The Age of Our Universe: Six Days and Fifteen Billion Years. This is mostly a summary of today’s scientific conclusions, and after we get a good layman’s grasp of this, we may be able better to judge whether it can […]

In Bang! (I), I suggested that it might be intellectually and spiritually very satisfying to be able to show that the scientific and biblical views of our time about creation are converging. This is what author Gerald Schroeder set out to show in The Science of God, the convergence of scientific and biblical wisdom . […]

Big, that is. My logical mind is convinced that there was a Big Bang that marked the origin of life and the origin of man. My logical mind is also convinced of an eternal realm beyond time and space and matter. God exists. I read how some religious writers interpret the first chapter of Genesis, […]