Friday, February 23rd, 2018

From today’s Wall Street Journal: Eastman Kodak Co. is preparing to seek bankruptcy protection in the coming weeks, people familiar with the matter said, a move that would cap a stunning comedown for a company that once ranked among America’s corporate titans. It is interesting how certain events seem to mark the ending of an […]

Credit & Copyright: Ole Christian Salomonsen Now, I ask you, “Ain’t that grand?” This picture interests me because it triggers memories (here I go again) of time spent in Norway in the sixties as well as a glimpse we had of the aurora from our back yard in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, one fall evening at […]

What would I do without Astronomy Picture of the Day as inspiration for posts? Dominating the horizon of the bleak Australian landscape below is a sandstone formation called Uluru, fondly (by me) known as Ayers Rock. The picture was taken shortly after sunset, and there is a blue arch rising in the east which is […]

You may remember my mention of a prolific writer-theoretical physicist named Stephen Hawking. He is the author of a book (among many others) called A Briefer History of Time. It is not easy to figure out what he is talking about, even though he writes for a non-technical audience. Let me introduce you now to […]