Saturday, January 20th, 2018

Except there ain’t no lake anymore in our lives. Dreaming about life at the lake always made springtime a very special time for us part-time lake dwellers, especially those whose hands were itching to put a line in the water. While I miss the fishy part of May at the lake, the May-show here in […]

The Orlop has been in the doldrums, due to the changing internet and human sloth. The answer seemed to be a merciful death for my blog, but I finally decided to temporize by writing a first of every month post for a while. Time will tell whether this is simply “April fool” or a new […]

Since the sound of “Play ball!” and the crack of the bat is still in the air, by (my) definition it is still the summer of 2013. For the school kids, however, summer is history, for school in this neck of the woods starts this week. So as I made my morning amble north on […]

It may be Major League Baseball postseason, but when it comes to fall color we still are in the preseason here in Quincy, Illinois. On October 3 I took my camera on my morning walk to collect a few impressions of our preseason fall color. Give it a couple more weeks and the color should […]

My town is a musical town. One of its traditions is the Quincy Park Band, and one sure sign of summer is the appearance of the Park District’s mobile band shell next to the tennis courts in Madison Park. This past Sunday was a typical warm summer evening for an hour’s band music from 6:30 […]

Since mankind (I refuse to say humankind) has always sliced the inexorable passage of time into four-season packages, and since package #2011 is drawing to a merciful end, and since I now find myself at our Lake of the Ozarks hideaway with time to ponder, please humor me by reading a few public ponderings. When […]

For years I have observed a special two-season calendar with my summer starting with major league baseball spring training and ending with the last pitch of the World Series. My second season is “bummer,” which started a week ago on October 29 and will last for another five months or so. (Sigh!) I usually try […]

It’s officially summer now, and the trees have pretty much done with their annual growth spurts. The car was due to go on the operating table at The Glass Doctor to get a windshieldectomy, courtesy of a flying rock from our last trip to the lake, so I drove to the auto hospital and took […]

At least according to my simple-minded two-season year it is. As usual my summer turns to bummer after the World Series, changing back to summer when major league spring training begins in February. The timing seems especially auspicious this year as we have jumped from blizzard conditions with a couple feet of snow early this […]

Sometimes life seems to get all tangled up or maybe life goes on its merry way and I get all tangled up trying to make sense of it. Either way, the last month-and-a-half has been a real dandy for this member of the Ayers clan. Not that you care all that much, of course, but […]