Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

Credit & Copyright: Ole Christian Salomonsen Now, I ask you, “Ain’t that grand?” This picture interests me because it triggers memories (here I go again) of time spent in Norway in the sixties as well as a glimpse we had of the aurora from our back yard in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, one fall evening at […]

I was getting worried that maybe my muse had walked the plank, but he/she has returned with a vengeance. The vernal equinox may have something to do with it. Although my personal “summer” officially ends with the last game of the World Series, the end came early this year, thanks partly to the hapless Redbirds. […]

In a press release dated June 29, 2020, the Gemini Observatory announced the first confirmed planet in orbit around a sun-like star. A planet only about eight times the mass of Jupiter has been confirmed orbiting a Sun-like star at over 300 times farther from the star than the Earth is from our Sun. The […]

A previous post showed Space Shuttle Atlantis being readied for its final mission to the International Space Station. Photographer Thierry Lagault caught Atlantis 50 minutes before docking as it passed across the face of the sun. By now, Atlantis has returned safely, but you sure wouldn’t know it from the headlines. Here’s an expanded view […]

Atlantis, Orbital Vehicle-104, is scheduled to lift off on May 14 on the STS-132 mission to the International Space Station. This will represent the final mission for Atlantis, whose maiden voyage was in October, 1985. The wide-angle image above was taken by Ben Cooper as Atlantis was being lifted off the floor of the Vehicle […]

News of the launch of Endeavor on the 32nd shuttle mission to the International Space Station probably did not land above the fold on many of the nation’s newspapers on February 8. Our thanks to James Vernacotola for this spectacular pre-dawn shot of the launch to orbit from about 115 miles away. Thanks to NASA, […]